In September we toured Australia and New Zealand talking to agents, hearing their frustrations and offering them a solution to what is the minefield of confusion aka Social Media Marketing!

Over 1500 real estate agents dedicated to their craft, took a day out of their schedules to listen and learn from the leaders of Real Estate Social Media.

In this Masterclass Sessions you will learn the Very Latest In Facebook Marketing To Help You Get More Leads, More Listings, More Sales, And Be The Go-To Agent In Your Area!

You know what I find often? Yes, most Real Estate Agents are using Facebook. Most think they are doing it well. But the reality? You could be doing SO MUCH BETTER!

Chances are you are doing an ok job, but let’s face it, you can’t be a pro at everything and if you’re getting your receptionist to be your Social Media manager because she is young and knows “a thing or two” then this is even worse!

Chances are you are missing out on opportunities……….and we want to change that!

Here’s what we did on the tour!

  • Generate leads into your business but how to do it on a budget!

    (You don’t have to spend HUGE amounts of money on Facebook! At the moment the arena of Facebook marketing is cheap compared to the other mediums you use in real estate to get your brand out there, Facebook is cheap compared to all these other tools and third party providers! For a fraction of the marketing dollars you are spending now, you can duplicate the results on facebook!)

  • The Basics to get you started

    (No bullshit bells and whistles here – these basics will get you off the ground and teach you the things you should be doing and the things you shouldn’t be doing. The basics so we know you are at the very least getting these right. Practical Facebook marketing tips that you can use straight away)

  • You will see what is working for agents at the moment, not only the top dogs but also the agents who are just starting out!

    The arena of Social Media moves SUPER FAST and if you don’t stay in touch with the new and incredible ways to reach your market, then you risk losing money. At the event I will show you the things that we are applying in other agents businesses every day, and the results we are getting.

  • Swipe File of Ideas, tips, success stories and sadly when things don’t go right and what you should do!

    Hear from other clients on what they have done to take their brand from a zero to hero using Facebook!

Who attended the event?

  • The Up and Down Agent

    Good Month, Bad Month, Good Month Bad Month – Yep we have been there, and the majority of agents fit into this category. Using Facebook allows consistency, and consistency builds stability. So if you are finding yourself on the real estate seesaw of one good month one bad month then this masterclass is for you!

  • The “I have a life outside of Real Estate” Agent

    We have a tonne of clients who are single parents or have a family and life other than real estate and we understand the demands on your life outside of real estate. Imagine setting up a system where leads are generated while you watch your kids play sport on the weekend? Too good to be true……..well it isn’t, using social media will give you freedom to do the things you enjoy!

  • The Real Estate is My Life Agent

    You know who you are, you live, breath & dream real estate! You love nothing better than chasing the next deal, seeing your Rate My Agent awards & love it when your sellers refer you to their friends and family. You are not satisfied unless your name is on the awards list every month and your goal is to be standing on stage to share your story! Social Media is a perfect way for you to go all in and to harness the power to elevate your brand even further in your market place!

  • New in the Industry & You’re feeling like a deer in headlights

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed with your career choice, each day you are going home with “no one told me it was this hard” feeling, but you know if you nail this that the rewards will be HUGE! This is your opportunity to start your domination the right way instead of a pat on the back and a “good luck” from the boss. For a much smaller investment of both time and money, Social media is ALL in!

  • You’ve Been around for years!

    And suddenly These young girls and guys are nipping at your heels, your market share is declining slowly and you are seeing new agents take business that you didn’t even get called into (despite letterbox dropping that house for the last 20 years) You’ve got a solid business strategically placed in your farm area, your kids went to the local school, you’re part of the local Rotary or BNI yet your losing the occasionally listing to a newer, younger agent….. You’ve had a look at this Facebook thing, but it doesn’t make sense with all these new marketing words like engagement & conversion. This masterclass is more definitely for you, we will keep it simple, so that everyone understands!

Designed for real estate agents.

This is not just a social media company putting on an event, where they hope that one size fits all!

It doesn’t, real estate marketing, prospecting & branding is different to any other industry and as much as many of these social media companies that are beating a path to your doorstep are selling to you, real estate is different and it has taken us hours and hours and hours of man time, hours and hours of tweaking, changing, monitoring, testing and often frustrations to come up with the winning formula that we will share with you on the day.

You’ll learn how to use Facebook to create leads and listings – not just friends (but we will show you that too!)

“Here’s what people at the last event had to say at the Facebook event I held…”